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Through professional software and hardware intelligent technology and artificial intelligence algorithm, intelligent hardware division is committed to fully solve the customer's equipment automation transformation needs, security upgrade and replacement needs, the traditional industry's Internet upgrade needs.

System division
The system customization and integration business division is committed to comprehensively solving customers' requirements for equipment automation transformation, security upgrading and upgrading, and Internet upgrading in traditional industries through professional software and hardware intelligent technology and artificial intelligence algorithm

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About Us

Since its inception, faisi future (shenzhen) technology co., ltd. has been committed to the research and development of intelligent image analysis technology and intelligent embedded hardware technology. At present, the company has a research and development team of 36 people, among which 20% are doctors and masters, 95% are undergraduates or above. Based on technology-driven innovation, the company has launched a series of industry-leading products in the field of image intelligent analysis products and embedded high-end application solutions through continuous r&d investment. Among them, the advertising attention statistics system based on face recognition technology and the industrial intelligent express cabinet core control terminal based on Freescale iMX6 chip are the products with the first market share. The company has 3 invention patents and 3 utility model patents.

Our business strategy
We are committed to providing our partners with professional and efficient software, hardware and cloud services
Our vision
To become a professional and reliable software and hardware cloud service partner in the field of intelligent terminals
Our core values
Service . Drive the intelligent future
Our services
Respond positively to professional support to ensure high efficiency and effectiveness of global services
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